Playing Mas With Fox

A Carnival Band or a “mas band” is a costume band rather than a musical band. The term “mas” arose in Caribbean Carnival from the French word “masqué” (“concealed”) and to “play mas” means to go to Carnival, parade in costume and dance on the street. Individuals are part of a ‘mas band’ that usually follows a truck on the road, where the truck provides the music. Fox Carnival champions the idea that playing mas = mass happiness… everyone should do it!



Fox Now

Even though Fox no longer plays mas at Notting Hill Carnival, there are lots of other mas bands to join (link to Or you can come join the Fox steelband UFOs (link to UFOs) and follow our truck playing live music.


Charity Details:

UFO Steelband is part of the charity “Fox Carnival Ltd”.

Registered address: 10 Aldbourne Road, London W12 0LN.

Registered Number:1142025