Fox Carnival is a charity that creates innovative and exciting projects centred on Carnival Arts.


Fox started in the grass roots when a local school wanted to be involved in Notting Hill Carnival that took place on its doorstep, yet involved no art from local children. 17 years of original masquerade projects later, Fox has proudly paraded the art of thousands of children and included them in reclaiming the streets. At the forefront of UK Carnival arts, Fox projects cast aside the feather and glitter of ‘pretty mas’ and instead focused on recycling plastic bags, getting kids to paint freely on computer, even repurposing discarded ‘FOR SALE’ signs. Fox soon became the largest young peoples’ mas bands on the road at Notting Hill and was the only one that paraded children’s. Always lively, colourful and different, Fox on-the-road became a favourite with audiences. The projects taught new skills, raised the esteem of hundreds of children from the – now many  – schools involved, built a community and injected many new ideas into UK masquerade and street arts. This website is an archive of those projects – click here to see a gallery different projects.


Fox Carnival now focuses on steelpan and “Urban Fox Orchestra” aka UFOs now offers weekly steelpan lessons to people of all ages including complete beginners.

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