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    Our Outreach Initiatives

Our Outreach Initiatives
Last year, with generous help from the Arts Council of England, we worked together with and software engineer Steven Sampson to create the Fox Carnival Band web presence. We also formulated our My i-Carnival project for Carnival 2005.

Both are functions of our ongoing commitments - not just to reach and develop more young artists through Carnival, but also to provide a friendly format that can help them gain digital skills.

Our online presence does more than simply publish our young artists' achievements. It is designed to organise wider outreach, disseminate information on the history of Carnival and promote specific projects we can deliver to schools, community centres, art centres and similar venues.

We also have created the Fox My i-Carnival project. This allows our key adult personnel to better understand how the web site works. In October 2005, via workshops with our designer, a group of older children will learn to directly add their personal art and memories to the site. One sample is now on the site; CLICK HERE to see it.

We hope to enlarge My i-Carnival incrementally. Our aim has always been not a web site stew in stone and then "kept up" by a single student, but a site which more and more participants actually help to create.

So: keep clicking in for news and CLICK HERE with specific questions.
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