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Creating Young Artists
Fox Carnival Band is based around valuing children's art and around creating more young artists.

When we introduce youngsters to the Carnival spectacle, we are careful to emphasise its global reach, historical roots and multi-racial patrimony. But we work equally hard to ensure that every child is free to develop a personal vision. We stress and facilitate individual expression.

Just as we emphasise the history of Carnival, however, we encourage youngsters to view it as part of their own modern moment. We are proud of our success in introducing children to the contemporary tools used for digital creativity. For us, the sense of pride a child gains from mastering a digital skill to express his or her vision is a central aim of our mission.

Also, since Fox Carnival Band remains open to all, our young artists are exposed to many different views and many cultural creative traditions. Visiting artists help us underscore the importance of this diversity.

Children's special creativity has been central to all our achievements. It is with children as our co-architects that we have evolved our own system of "playing mas", one that unites different ages and races, different levels of confidence and many varied art abilities.

Each year, our youngsters work together to decide a theme for the upcoming Carnival. We help them think it through both in terms of the Festival's social and historical aspects but also in terms of Carnival's unique aesthetic.

It is that synergy - colour, form, motion, meaning, music and magic - that enables us to bring out the artist in every child.

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