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    Carnival and Schools

Carnival and Schools
Through our associations with extracurricular workshops and special projects involving schools, Fox Carnival Band knows that art-making, preparing for and taking part in Carnival can prove immensely valuable in both learning and teaching.

Our methods and tools are useful in reference to many official curriculum areas - such as art, English, IT, citizenship, history, science and music. When our outreach initiatives are absorbed outside "real school" hours and the kind of associations children have about these, we find our young participants engage especially freely.

For them, making individual pieces of art as part of a team (or actually going "on the road") always prove esteem-building and inclusive activities. This has proven especially true for children who are otherwise difficult to involve in groups and/or learning.

Based on our experiences with Fox Carnival Band and schools, we have developed a series of strategies to use the art of Carnival in education. It is our hope that schools and other learning centres benefit from them.

If you are a school, art teacher or other teaching professional, and you are interested in our work, CLICK HERE to ask how we might help you.

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