Fox Carnival Band
    A big shout out to our sponsors!
We love our sponsors!

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Fox Carnival thanks all the sponsors who have helped us over the years! Every time, we have been able to play mas because of those who value us. Included in our gratitude is every volunteer, assistant, teacher and patient relative or carer who works every year to make our Carnival possible!

Below are shut-outs to some of those who have, over the years, made things possible for us.

The Arts Council of England
Who have consistently fund both Fox Carnival Band, our Web presence and our many efforts to develop and assist young artists. Thank you for truly valuing the Carnival arts as a means to do this. You empower our young people, who become the artists of tomorrow!
Thanks to Bunzl Catering Supplies, for helping us eat it all up
A huge shout-out to the makers of Corel Painter.
Who print our beautiful T-shirts
The builder's merchants everyone in Notting Hill knows
The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea,
Community Learning and Arts

For funding Youth Support and Development, Out of School Hours Learning, Childcare and Play, Adult Learning and Skills and Community Education.
PR Exhibitions
At Service Graphics
Who always print our Carnival banners so big and bright, and who print the children's art for us so beautifully. Thank you!
Who do great work with companies, clients and us!
Thanks to the makers of No More Nails for helping us hold it all together.
For providing the digital tablets and pens our youthful artists use, and for in-kind support on a number of our digital projects, we thank you!

Helping Out
Carnival Year by Year