Fox Carnival Band
    Rewards of Sponsorship
Sponsorship has many rewards

Rewards for Sponsorship
Both at the events we attend and through film and photos of them,
Fox Carnival Band reaches a large audience. We take part in several prestigious festivals. These include the Notting Hill Carnival, which has an audience of over two million people annually, as well as the Mayor's Thames Night Festival, and "Carnival In Motion" at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This year marks a difference for us Because we hope to display the London 2012 Inspire mark on our float/vehicle at Carnival this year, under LOCOG rules we will not be displaying any marketing from companies.

Therefore, if you sponsor our Olympic Accredited project, you may write about this and include photos in your company reports or on your web site. But you will not be able to display the London 2012 logo nor will we be able to display your logo on our banners or in any of our marketing.

However, by supporting Fox Carnival in other ways you will be giving many young people the chance to be part of The Cultural Olympiad of the London 2012 Olympic Games. So your support continues to be of crucial importance to us!

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in helping us in any way!

Helping Out
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