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Levels of Sponsorship

Fox Carnival Band has been fortunate to receive funding from the Arts Council of England for several previous projects. We have also received in-kind support and donations from a wide range of bodies and individuals. We value everyone who helps us facilitate our goal of an evolving, creative and child-friendly Carnival. We stress that Fox Carnival Band is open to young people of all ability levels, especially those with disabilities.

Luckily, Fox Carnival has continued to grow and grow! But this also means we need increased financial support. If you, your institution or your business can help in any way, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Do please note: that if our 2012 project goes ahead as we hope, will will not be able to offer any potential sponsors marketing in return for their support. Because we will be displaying the 2012 Inspire mark, LOCOG rules mean that this logo cannot be mixed with companies marketing their own products or services.

However, if this happens, by all means support us and write about your support for our accredited 2012 project in company reports. Take photos to put on your website etc. It is just that, this year, if our our project goes ahead, you cannot display the Olympic logo (nor can your logo be included with Inspire London logo in any marketing on our float, etc).


Financial contributions
Any contribution is welcome; it does not have to be a large one.
Please CLICK and we will email you how to contribute.

In-Kind support
Donations of either goods or services.
Please CLICK to let us know if you are interested.

Can you or your business help us with tools and/or materials?
CLICK to email us with suggestions.

Public Relations
Would you like to help us to promote Fox Carnival Band?
If so, please CLICK to email us and let us know.

Helping Out
Carnival Year by Year