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How to Sponsor
There are numerous ways to help sponsor Fox Carnival Band, whether you help all during the year or just around the time of Carnival.

Our sponsors include everyone from participants who donate money for supplies and snacks, to volunteers who help with organisation and meetings. Larger bodies such as the Arts Council of England and various digital corporations help us make and showcase our special children's art.

This year, we hope they will help us launch our My i-Carnival Project.

Check our Levels of Sponsorship (CLICK HERE) to see the basic divisions. But also check in with our web site at any time. As each year's special theme emerges and progresses, it generates a unique set of requirements and needs. For instance, CLICK HERE to download in PDF form the email exchange that secured fabric for our windsock fish in 2004! Or CLICK HERE to read about help we need for My i-Carnival.

Fox Carnival Band is a diverse, imaginative and enterprising group of all ages. We are dedicated to developing and celebrating children's creativity. Sponsoring us is a great way to experience the Carnival spirit, even if you can't quite make it to London's Notting Hill.

Please CLICK HERE to email any ideas you have for sponsorship and CLICK HERE to see what rewards you can reap!
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