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The Notting Hill Carnival offers a special expression of unity; all are welcome and there is a role for everyone. In Fox Carnival Band, too, no experience is required. Adults help with face painting, serve the food and drink, hold the rope around the band and sell our T-shirts. Or they may choose just to dance, bringing more joy and expression to the band.

Our players come from all over the UK, so at the beginning of Carnival day we don’t all know each other. But that soon changes as the day goes on, and teamwork plays a central part in our Carnival.

At Carnival, we also become part of the larger spectacle. People take photos, film, and generally cheer us on. Sometimes the crowd following us will join in our dance routines. Plus, passing before the judging stage is always the high point.

Each Carnival Band also has its own policemen, who accompanies their float throughout the day. This provides added security and peace of mind.

Each year we choose a theme and decorate our lorry accordingly. We also make our standards and customise our costumes. We believe that no one should be encumbered by wearing anything large or unwieldy. We also feel that no one should have to spend ages making a costume.

Therefore, most Fox participants wear a T-shirt designed exclusively for the day. They carry our standards rather than managing cumbersome costumes. This makes the experience of taking part in Carnival child-friendly and easy for everyone. Please CLICK to see our previous Carnival themes and join us on the day to "play mas"!

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