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Carnival means playing mas

Caribbean Carnival started in Trinidad and it came to London in the 1960s. Those Caribbean families who sailed to Britain on H.M.S. Windrush in 1948 missed the massive, creative, festive Carnivals held in their home. CLICK HERE out more about Carnival history and CLICK HERE to read about Carnival's "mother".

The Notting Hill Carnival created in its image is now the largest street festival in all of Europe. Its path winds through an area just to the north of Fox School. Notting Hill Carnival is a celebration of London's uniquely multicultural metropolitan life. The year 2004 marked Carnival’s official 40th Anniversary.

A Carnival Band or "mas band" is a costume band rather than a musical band; a group of people wear costumes, and go "masquerading". The term "mas" is one that arose out of the French "masqué" ("concealed"), and to "play mas" is to go to Carnival, parade in costume and dance on the street. Individuals are part of a mas band, that usually follows a lorry (the lorry provides music and refreshments).

Being involved with a mas band is a great way to experience Carnival. All floats (a float is a lorry with a mas band following it) stay within barriers that contain the watching crowds. This means the path followed by the players is safe and un-crowded. Fox Carnival Band uses an articulated lorry which has seating and a toilet.

This lorry carries our ample refreshments and holds our sound system. Our players, i.e. the band of people wearing Fox T-shirts and carrying standards, generally follow the lorry, led by the dance captain. They may ride on the lorry only to rest, but small children often stay on the lorry all day.

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