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Who Is Involved
The art projects created and carried by Fox Carnival Band are facilitated by the digital artist Fiona Hawthorne. CLICK HERE to visit Fiona's own site.

Fiona works together with Fox School staff, parent volunteers and a range of young people who take direct curriculum enquiries and help in setting up and implementing of Carnival workshops.

But the true artists involved are those young people of all ages. They think up each year's theme, help envision its creation and then make every piece of art.

Fox Carnival Band is involved with major events in and around each Notting Hill Carnival. CLICK HERE to learn about this year's schedule. We also receive invitations to help celebrate other events (CLICK HERE for one example).

The project is administered by experienced Carnivalist Liz Walker and our Band Leader is the actor and film star Colin Salmon.

Our players are anyone who wishes to join Fox Carnival Band and who is happy to abide by our ethos and rules. We work to ensure that our Carnival is open to anyone of any age - single friends of young people and senior citizens are all part of our Carnival experience. The only requirement is to register, so that we know our numbers: just CLICK HERE to do so!

Please email us to check if places are available and CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the Fox Carnival Band Registration Form.
Helping Out
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