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What We Are About
The aim of Fox Carnival Band is to celebrate children's art and to facilitate the development of youthful creativity.

We provide an esteem-raising and team-building experience for young people and their families by helping them take part in London’s annual Notting Hill Carnival. On the road, their audience sees a vibrant and lively show, brought to life by the artwork we parade - all created entirely by those children who wish to join.

Fox Carnival Band does not have costumes as such; instead we carry ‘standards’, artworks that are carried or waved, usually on poles. What makes Fox Carnival Band special is the uniqueness and vibrancy of each piece of original art. Many have gone on to win National awards and our art has been displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tate Modern.

Young people are involved in every stage of our design and creation process, through workshops held in Fox School. These are also open to participants from other schools. All the artwork is completed within hours, rather than over days or weeks. No special skills and no previous experience are required. Creating the artwork and taking part is accessible to children of all ages and to anyone with disabilities.

The ‘show’ created by Fox Carnival Band is one of movement and colour. We have no Kings or Queens, nor do we rehearse complicated dance moves in advance. Instead, the ‘players’ or masqueraders (both adults and children) who carry the artwork simply follow the movement of the Band Leader.

Around 200 artworks move in unison, high above the heads of the participants. This creates a singular show with spectacular visual impact!
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