Fox Carnival Band
    Fox Carnival Band
How we began

How It All Started
Fox Carnival Band started when a group of enthusiastic parents wanted their children to be involved in the largest Street Festival in Europe - Notting Hill Carnival – which takes place right on the doorstep of Fox School.

During 1997, a group of parent volunteers joined with some teachers from the school to make Carnival costumes and prepare a float. The result, “One World”, went on the road on Children’s Day during that year's festivities, and the Fox Carnival Band was born.

Taking a float and Mas Band to Carnival for the first time was fun! However, making the costumes had been hard work and it required a considerable commitment.

Children were keen to think up ideas for 1998, and they fantasised about making and wearing huge costumes, similar to the shimmering butterflies they had seen in Carnival's parade.

But how could Fox compete with costumes built over weeks and months, conceived then engineered by professional designers? No parents or teachers could commit their entire summer to helping make such big costumes. Also, those huge costumes require both specialised craftsmanship and plenty of money!

Faced with these realities, we started to wonder. Did Fox Carnival Band really need big costumes to be a proper Mas Band? Or could we not try to do something different? We decided to make Fox Carnival Band truly unique.
Helping Out
Carnival Year by Year