Fox Carnival Band
    Art on Fabric
Banners in 2003

On the Road
Digital art had worked fantastically well at our first-ever Carnival; it was bright, colourful and expressive. Plus, every child could complete full-colour art very quickly, without any mess from real-world art supplies to clean afterwards.

But we felt that the children's art would be even more spectacular if it could be viewed in a larger size. So we decided to pursue printing on fabric, which would also be lightweight and less problematic to carry.

For the Carnival of 2000, Fiona Hawthorne worked with Fox children to create 'Digital Cityscape'. Each child's digital drawing of a building was printed on fabric in a larger size. Carnival artist Maureen Pepper helped solve the problem of mounting these pieces, by creating bases anchored in backpacks.

This was familiar and comfortable for the children to wear; our digital city became a vibrant, dancing metropolis! But the backpacks had to be fitted individually, and they were troublesome to slip out of if a child needed rest. So we began to explore other options.

Eventually we realised that the easiest thing was for children to carry their art rather than wear it. This way, a child can pass his or her art on to someone else, or the pieces can be temporarily put it on or off of the lorry with ease.

This change has made our time on the road even better and Fox continues to come up with new ideas, such as poles, banners and standards to carry our colours.

Helping Out
Carnival Year by Year