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Going Digital
‘Masks for the Millennium’ became ‘The Digital Mask-erade’. This began with a partnership between Carnival artist Maureen Pepper and Fiona Hawthorne. The pair worked on constructing a way in which children could wear art they had created digitally.

Maureen first designed a prototype ‘standard’ and a ‘headpiece’. These worked so well that they became our first templates. It was easy to make costumes, each of which used a child’s digital mask as the central artwork.

Even though this initial artwork was only printed on A4 paper, then laminated using the school laminator, once the pieces were mounted with decoration around them, they looked fantastic!

Thus, for Carnival 1998, Fox children were able to wear art they had made themselves - and we started thinking about the potential of digital art.

Liz Walker is one of the parents who truly helped initiate this Carnival spirit at Fox. That first year, Liz handled our entire behind-the-scenes organisation. She got Fox children on the road, delegated supervisors for different responsibilities and thought out all the various safety issues.

The rationale of Fox Carnival Band evolved from this event, into our present aim of providing a child-centred, child-friendly experience of Carnival, with children’s art as its focus.
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