Fox Carnival Band
    Art on  Fabric
Working on the iMac

Finding Our Own Tools
When parents and children had started to wonder how Fox could create a Carnival Band all its own, artist Fiona Hawthorne was working with the school's children on a project called ‘Masks for the Millennium.’

This was a digital art objective undertaken in advance of the impending millennium. It was held at The Making Place, a science resource centre in North Kensington.

Facilitated by Fiona, children learned how to paint a face or mask on their computer screens. A natural media software package called Corel Painter (CLICK HERE to learn more) enabled these works, each of which was created with a Wacom drawing tablet and a digital pen (CLICK HERE to learn more).

Because the Corel programme has ‘life-like’ tools such as paint, crayons, ink, bleach, gouache, watercolour and the like, every child was able to draw freely and expressively – and the resulting full-colour masks proved stunning.

These masks were printed out to decorate a wall at Fox School. But they were also saved on disk and seemed to cry out for a bigger and better display.

Thus when Carnival came along that summer, Fox students and their parents suddenly understood - we already had the key to our kind of masquerade.
Helping Out
Carnival Year by Year