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Anyone can help - any time!

How to Help Out Now
Fox Carnival works because of volunteer help and support of many kinds, both financial and social. It comes from from people of all ages and all backgrounds - as well as different experiences and ability levels.

Making our Carnival special, using it to teach and reach out, is a year-round process. Helping us can provide valuable learning skills. It helps you meet others and to learn about the special, buoyant spirit that has always belonged to Carnival.

In fact, there is no reason not to contact us right this minute - no matter when you are reading this - and join something that we feel has something for almost everyone. If you want to pursue working as an art assistant or a work experience placement, click on the appropriate menu item to the left.

If you want to find out "How can I get involved right now?" or suggest an idea you think may be helpful, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Fox Carnival is built by young people, their admin team, our wonderful sponsors and our volunteers. If you are not already a Carnivalist, become one now. We're happy for you to help - and we know you too will love building our Carnival.

Helping Out
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