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How you can help with My i-Carnival

Helping With My i-Carnival
The My i-Carnival project was part of our thoughts and plans from our web site's beginnings. The structure and design are in place but to take it further after the initial additions, we will need the help below.
Also, if you are interested in the My i-Carnival project, we encourage you to look at our site's Sponsorship section.

Are you willing to learn how to instruct older children in the basics of transferring digital imagery from camera to computer? Would you be willing to attend a workshop on how the My i-Carnival Project is set up and how participants must organise their personal folders for our site?

The structure is simple but we will need a few committed learners. We want to continue to hold workshops so the project can grow. No extensive digital skills are required, but adult instructors should have a basic knowledge of Photoshop and, if possible, know something of HTML.

We will need at least one up-to-date copy of Photoshop CS and another of Dreamweaver, as well as computer space in which My i-Carnival students can work in Photoshop (to ready their images) and in Dreamweaver (to create their personal folders). Perhaps you can sponsor us in this or donate hardware or software. Or, perhaps you would like to help us with fund-raising.

If you are part of an outreach organisation, teaching establishment, business aid centre, software organisation or community centre, you may be able to offer us space for My i-Carnival workshops.
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