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    The My i-Carnival Project
My i-Carnival will let kids post their own art!

About the Project
Fox Carnival Band encourages every child, parent or carer who takes part in our work to develop a personal vision of Carnival. In 2004, we were successful in architecting a Web presence to embody this aim.

As we thought about how our site would grow in the future, we also tried to keep in mind our core vales: including, informing, inventing - and celebrating children's art.

We thought about how Carnival constantly changes, managing to fuse very old traditions with very up-to-date fashions. We wanted to create a web site with the same aesthetic; one that could remain adaptable as it grew.

Everyone loves to see their faces, friends, and art online. But, from the beginning, we tried to develop a way in which our young artists could not merely look at but help shape the site themselves.

Thus Carnival 2005 brings the start of My i-Carnival, a project that we hope can grow every year. Through My i-Carnival, a group of older students will learn directly from our site designer how to format, shape and add their digital memories.

Each will have the chance to express their written thoughts, compile a playlist or other "favourites", and create a mini-slideshow of images they alone chose.

Learning to do this within the structure we provide, they will get an introduction to some of our site's central features - and their work will stay in place as part of our permanent presence. Our My i-Carnival workshops will extend the year's live events - and give our young artists a new way to view their accomplishments.

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