Fox Carnival Band

Choosing Our Theme

Our Carnival 2012 project is about including people – who may not be in a position to experience the Olympics firsthand – in workshops and street performances. By running lead-up-to-Carnival workshops we will involve people of all ages. Anyone and everyone can make unique Carnival outfits of their own, using one-colour T-shirts and transforming inexpensive or recycled brushes, mops, brooms & feather dusters into Art! 

With our 2012 red, gold and green colours, Fox heads back to our Carnival roots. On the road at both Notting Hill Carnival and Thames Festival, our block of bright yellow T-shirts will show off six hundred brushes & mops moving in unison to music, raised high above the heads of the audience.

They will provide a humorous and maverick spectacle, brought to life by our own brand of teamwork. We will challenge the norms of dazzling yet expensive sequined carnival costumes, while involving people of all ages and levels of ability – including those with disabilities.

In delighting spectators with Mary Poppins-style masquerade set to soca, we will also help spread a message of "brush it off, muck in and work together against insults, violence, even litter on our streets". A message that transcends politics, this chance to step in time represents a celebration of our youth in London 2012 & celebrates their brightest hopes for the future. 

Helping Out
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