Fox Carnival Band

Choosing Our Theme

What are YOU scared of.... ghosts, witches…. dentists... debts?

At Carnival 2011, Fox – in full gory glory – not only confronted our fears, but danced with them. Thanks to very welcome Arts Council funding, our 2011 project made good the Fox pledge to recycle, by giving new life to last year’s "Sea of Just People".

Just check out our YouTube clip (on the menu at left) to see how we brought those plastic-fantastic characters back from the dead and transformed them into terrifying creatures...all of them made from ordinary, everyday plastic bags.

Landfill was escaped once more... as the words on the block became 'transform, repurpose, recycle and reuse.' Our T-shirt colour was a ravishing royal purple and our Carnival dreams invoked vampires, ghouls and Day-of-the-Dead skeletons.

We dared you to dance with yours and you took us up on it!

Helping Out
Carnival Year by Year