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    "Choosing Our Theme"

Choosing Our Theme


As those of you who attended the last Fox Carnival know, we do not want any more plastic bags floating in the sea. They create havoc enough without oil spills or other tragedies. So, this year, we plan to use 4,000 discarded carrier bags. What will we make of them? A SEA OF JUST PEOPLE, that's what!

Assisted by Mr Fox, the Midnight Robber and his band of Tall Tricksters, 2010 will see us aiming for a lively and contentious Notting-Hill-Carnival-Route-Racket.

Our audience will spot those familiar shopping bags given a new life, as playful characters attached to tall poles. They will be transformed into 'Just People' who dance high in the sky, move in unison to Carnival music, tickle spectators – telling them it is time for a change.

The bag-free blue sea visible below will be composed of five hundred Carnivalists. As usual, they'll be clad in every possible combination of creatively customised T-shirt.

All are invited to come and JOIN US!
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