Fox Carnival Band

Choosing Our Theme
For 2008, Fox Carnival decided to transform what would otherwise be rubbish into art. We put out usual sequins, foam and fabric at the service of recycling in an active way: transforming more than 4,000 plastic bags into 400 artworks for our Carnival float. We came a fantastic SECOND PLACE in our band section, Fun Fantasy, as well as receiving FOURTH PLACE ar overall Large Band of the Year!
We knew thirteen billion bags are given out in UK shops annually and of those, eight billion end up in landfill. Others get blown away and find themselves in the sea. There they form ninety per cent of all marine rubbish, endangering and killing sea-life. Every plastic bag takes between twenty and one thousand years to decompose.
Given the worldwide drive to find alternatives and halt the use of plastic shopping bags, we knew this was both a timely and important project. We collected colourful shopping bags and recycled them into artworks. They became transformed into pom-poms, flags and windsocks, adorning our poles.
And what a fantastic raw material plastic bags turned out to be! We discovered that you can iron them into a fused fabric, knit with them, make them into pom-poms, beautiful flags or even garments to wear. Not only that: they also make wonderful windsocks. We hunted bags from Thailand, Japan and Mexico and sought out rare colours such as the pink bags so hard to find here yet very common in China.
This hard work brought more than yet another fabulous parade: Fox Carnival Band 2008 came a fantastic Second Place in our band section, Fun Fantasy. We also came Fourth Place in overall Large Band of the Year!
In fact, our learning experience from this idea became so many-sided that we decided to carry it forward another year: perhaps the ultimate in recycling!
Helping Out
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