Fox Carnival Band
    Choosing Our Theme
Flower Power

Choosing Our Theme
For 2007, we want to bring flowers to Carnival...more than four hundred of them! "Fox In the Garden" will be a vibrant, moving mas, a colourful chaos on tall poles. Using new techniques of foam and fabric crafting, we will build on our traditions of digital painting, drawing and image manipulation, with our final art printed on correx.
We will also look at the history of Carnival, especially the Trinidadian tradition of "Ole Mas" and its colourful characters: from burrokeets (horse-men or donkey-men), wild Indians (adapted in New Orleans' Mardi Gras), to our favourite character, 'The Midnight Robber'.
The Midnight Robber's role in Trinidadian Carnival dates from around 1900. He specializes in trickster behaviour and boastful rhymes. His "robber talk" often has the same political edge that calypso artists and toasters have passed down to modern rap. Since we are Fox Carnival Band based in Notting Hill's Fox School, our special Midnight Robber will be none other than that stealthy trickster the Urban Fox. He will steal his way in to our flower-filled Carnival garden to cause joyful anarchy high above our heads.
Foxes first adapted to London life after World War II and there are now sixteen foxes for every square mile of our city. Only a few months ago, one fox made the national papers when he stole his way into 'Office Shoes' on Portobello Road. After wandering nonchalantly round their footwear displays, he finally settled down and cozied up to some trainers!
To make our own 'Mr. Fox the Midnight Robber', forty-five children will have the special privilege of working with celebrated Carnival artist Clary Salandy from Mahogany Carnival (CLICK HERE to learn more). Clary will teach these young artists specialist techniques of foam construction. With her help, they will create a foxy prankster who will then frolic amongst our moving flower carpet.
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