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    Colours and Materials

Colours and Materials
This year, we increased our digital art skills by creating portrait masks for our Carnival theme of "Heads Up!". To do this, Fox Carnival Band used Wacom Volito drawing tablets and the art software Corel Painter IX. Our borrowed computer suite became a virtual art atelier, where Fiona Hawthorne conducted our own brand of Carnival art workshops.

Using these tools, young artists literally 'painted' masks they viewed in-progress on their computer screens. Instead of the usual mouse, each benefited from the sensitivity of the Wacom digital pen - and the vast array of paints, brushes and colours in Corel's Painter IX. In just one week, three hundred young people created three hundred masks! These were laid out on a grid in the program Quark Xpress and the document was sent to our printer, Service Graphics.

Service printed our masks on correx, a lightweight waterproof board often used to fabricate 'For Sale' signs. Each mask was printed in duplicate for back-to-back assembly. Before sticking the two sides of any mask together, our artists attached tinsel strips, hula skirts, thin packing foam, shredded crisp packets or anything else they chose to create a mane of hair or a fringe - or shining curls galore! Sandwiching the sides together with glue kept each mane secure.

Our final touches were sequins attached with a tagging gun and plenty of glitter. Then we attached each mask to a fibreglass pole using cable ties, before embellishing all our poles with shiny sticky tape. A foam ball attached to the bottom of each pole serves to cover rough edges, while adding something to our on-the-road bounce!

We were able to purchase all our materials wholesale - the cable ties from electrical suppliers, the tinsel from bulk-bought door curtains. We even discovered that catering packs of square foam cleaning-cloths gave us a great way of making strips of hair in blue, pink and yellow! Our theme had provided a 'heads up' on intriguing new art materials!

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