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    Choosing Our Theme

About Carnival 2006

This year's theme has the working title of "Head's Up!". In choosing to create giant, double-sided faces we will parade atop tall poles, our young Carnivalists pay homage to our very first-ever appearance at Notting Hill Carnival.

This was 1998's "The Digital Mas-querade" (CLICK HERE to find out more), which came out of a special art project for children. Ever since, Fox Carnival Band has created and encouraged young artists. We enable young people of any age to learn digital skills and we welcome the creativity of all age groups.

Our 2006 Carnival celebrates everything we have learned: how to create, prepare and parade children's artwork; how to make a Carnival that involves the most diverse group possible; how to make going on the road easy as well as fun - for even the youngest child or a person with disabilities.

Our theme also honours Carnival as a global celebration. We will learn about the masks of Germany's Swabian Carnival clowns; the faces of demons and angels donned for Bolivia's La Diablada Carnival; the legendary creations of the "mascaren"(mask-makers) of Venice. From Brazil to Bahia, New Orleans to Mazatlán, masks and face-altering are an integral part of all the world's Carnivals.

So, in 2006, we will offer a special "head's up" - to those ties between our own West Indian Carnival and other Carnivals all over the world. Join us for an occasion where we "put on our very best faces", which will tower over the dancing crowds and move with the music of Carnival!

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