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    Choosing Our Theme
Shelter and water inspired us

About Carnival 2005
This year's Carnival theme came out of a discussion about water around the globe, from its terrifying power in tsunamis and hurricanes to the tragic lack of water suffered in too many other places.

As we talked about rain, that common London experience, our young artists thought up the slogan "H2O for Every1". It wasn't long before they also came up with a vision: hundreds of bright umbrellas, attached to very tall poles and moving along to the rhythms of Carnival.

We loved the image of individually-customized brollies, constantly moving, twisting and spinning, opening and closing whilst moving towards and away from our band leader. Soon, we even had the name for our project: Shake Your Bumbrella!

Around the world, every day, umbrellas offer a basic shelter. People need them too often in Britain but far too seldom in other countries. The same umbrellas that protect some from a burning sun often let us dance on the street at a cloudy Notting Hill Carnival. We discussed how, for us, the rain can be inconvenient while, for others, water is a matter of life and death.

Each young artist received a bright, sturdy, child-sized umbrella. They added whatever they wanted: digitally-generated images or found objects, sequins and trailing ribbon, fabric strips, buttons or junk. Our combined works of art united in a spectrum of colour, creating a moving shelter. It carried the serious message that water should never be a luxury.

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