Fox Carnival Band
Poles on the road

About Carnival 2002
For the Carnival of 2002, Fox decided to take a rest from creating our festival art on on computers. Spotting a child dancing on the playground with a plumber’s drainpipe gave us just the inspiration we needed.

Maybe, we thought, such drainpipes could support large banners. Then, we thought a little further - why not simply make the pipes themselves our Carnival standards?

After some experiments, we found the pipes worked very well. The backpacks we had used to anchor our earlier banners had a few drawbacks on the road. The pipes, in contrast, were wonderful in a number of ways: lightweight and easy to carry, simple to store on our lorry - and great fun for the children to customise.

Formally known as Fox Polling Station, Carnival 2002 was a huge success, not least because of guidance by our band leader, Colin Salmon. Because the poles were so simple to manage, Colin kept our masqueraders moving them constantly.

Poles gave Fox a special place on the road, and won another national Artworks Award (CLICK HERE to see). But, most important of all, they provided a show of movement and colour for our audience.
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