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About Carnival 2000

About Carnival 2000
For Notting Hill Carnival 2000, Fox children created digital paintings of diifferent buildings.

These were printed by our sponsor, Photobition Scanachrome, onto fabric banners measuring 120 x 40cm. These were then supported on frames that could be easily carried. But to decide exactly how, we called in an expert.

This was the Carnival artist Maureen Pepper, who had helped Fox create our 'Digital Mask-querade'. Maureen returned to solve the problem of mounting our banners. Within no time, she devised the perfect solution, using backpacks.

Customised to fit each child, the backpacks provided a stable anchor, so our digital cityscape could swell and rock with the sounds of Carnival.

Subsequently, "Digital Cityscape" won us a national Artworks Award (CLICK HERE to read about it).
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