Fox Carnival Band
    "Digital Mask-querade"

About Carnival 1998
When Fox School first began to contemplate its own Carnival, it happened that artist Fiona Hawthorne was working with Fox children on a project entitled "Masks for the Millennium".

This was an initiative aimed at the coming millennium and held at The Making Place, a London science resource centre not far from the school.

"Masks for the Millennium" became "The Digital Mask-querade" thanks to the involvement of the Carnival artist Maureen Pepper. Maureen worked with Fiona and the children to enable each creator to wear the art portraits each had created digitally.

Maureen's ingenious idea set Fox on a special Carnival path. It has taken us from digital "crayons" and "water colour" to full-fledged art on fabric (CLICK HERE to start learning more).

Even though these first masks were only printed to A4 size, once we finished mounting and decorating them, "Digital Mask-querade" looked fabulous on the road. The whole experience was truly inspirational. Due to maternity leave, we took time off during Carnival 1999. But what learned this year made our next Carnival, in 2000, even better!
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